Foundation For Research And Technology Hellas - Institute Of Chemical Engineering Sciences

FORTH/ICE-HT is an academic independent institution which currently comprises 13 full time researchers and 24 collaborating faculty members. It is incorporated into the structure of the Foundation for Research and Technology-Hellas (FORTH). In its 24 years of operation, the Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes (ICE-HT) has evolved into a world leading centre for the advancement of high quality scientific knowledge in the fields of materials science, environmental pollution, catalysis and electrocatalysis, applied mathematics and in the computer aided design and simulation of new materials and processes. It has a high level of expertise in the development of fuel cell components and their electrochemical and physicochemical characterization, with emphasis on the study and modification of catalytic and electrocatalytic properties of electrodes in PEMFCs and SOFCs, novel polymer electrolytes synthesis and catalysis for hydrogen production.